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Download our free guide and get answers to the most commonly asked questions about electric forklift batteries and forklift battery charging including:

  • How long does a forklift battery last?
  • Why do forklift batteries need water?
  • How long does it take to charge a forklift battery?
  • What is fast charging vs. opportunity charging?

This free guide also includes tips on how to improve forklift battery life, an overview of the different types of forklift batteries and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

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Forklift Batteries Aren't One-Size-Fits-All

The standard lead-acid forklift battery isn't right for every operation. Multi-shift and busy single-shift can save money and decrease downtime with a battery designed for fast or opportunity charging.Download our free guide to learn about...

  • The different types of forklift batteries
  • A lower-cost alternative to lithium-ion
  • 叉车充电年代ystems and equipment

Get the Right Forklift Battery for your Budget

Download our free guide to forklift batteries and charging systems.


Lead-Acid Alternatives

Lithium-ion and thin plate lead batteries charge quickly and don't require watering.

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Replace or Recondition?

Find out when to replace versus recondition an old forklift battery.


Prevent Buyer's Regret

Ensure the battery you buy today will meet your needs now and as your business grows.

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When you buy an electric forklift, you're buying the fuel upfront. The right battery can save a multi-shift operation thousands of dollars in labor costs, but the wrong battery can increase labor costs or cause expensive downtime.”- Mark Andres, President of TMHNC