Forklifts for Food Processing and Warehousing


Downtime is something every material handling operation wants to avoid, but for food processing operations downtime is a dirty word. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the best material handling equipment available for:
- commercial food processing
- 冷藏仓库
- food and beverage material handling

最常见的泰勒·邓恩(Taylor Dunn Cart)修复

泰勒·邓恩(Taylor Dunn)购物车是市场上最可靠的车辆。我们在旧金山和东湾的一些客户有泰勒·邓恩汽车
mo re than thirty years old并仍在运行。

But even top-quality vehicles like Taylor Dunn need service and repair - especially when they’re not well-maintained. Read on to learn more about the most common Taylor Dunn cart repair and how to prevent it.

8 Money-Saving Reasons to Run an Eco-Friendly Facility








One of the more common questions we get from forklift buyers is, “should I go with an electric or LP forklift?”
  • Both are clean and quiet compared to gas or diesel
  • 电动叉车的前期成本更高,但总体所有权成本较低
  • 更换丙烷罐比更换电池更容易,但是电池技术已经出现了。许多两移动操作只需要一个电池

So which one is better?这完全取决于您的操作...


One of the more overlooked reasons to buy an electric utility vehicle vs a truck is the ability to customize. When you buy a utility cart from Polaris GEM or Taylor-Dunn, you get a hardworking, reliable vehicle and only pay for what you need.

我们的许多客户找到重要的储蓄switching to versatile, low-maintenance electric vehicles.
Large fleets can expect six-figure fleet reduction costs by switching to electric utility vehiclesand significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

- Why pay for a truck that can go 90 mph if your vehicles never travel on the freeway?
- 您不必支付换油和其他与发动机相关的维护费用来节省多少?

Electric vehicles can go all day on a single charge, tow up to 10,000 lbs, and handle cargo up to 3,000 lbs. Plus, they cost significantly less to own compared to traditional trucks and vans.

Owning an electric vehicle doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or capability. Get exactly the vehicle you need customized with: ladder racks, custom storage, heater, stake sides, etc. Here are the most popular accessories with our customers in Northern and Central California:

How Electric GEM Utility Vehicles Lower Fleet Costs and Improve Sustainability

Polaris GEM LSVcan be customized with a flatbed for use as a utility truck, kitted out with toolboxes for facility maintenance, or used to comfortably transport up to six people. Plus, they can run for eight hours or more on a single charge.

在今天的帖子中,我们向电力汽车产品专家学习拉斯·齐格勒how he helps organizations with large fleets find the right vehicles based on safety, sustainability and budget. Russ has extensive experience advising fleet managers who oversee higher education, transit and/or shuttle applications. Read on to learn more about the benefits of an LSV compared to conventional, gas-powered vehicles and how Russ helps fleet managers make data-driven decisions.

Review: Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Electric Cart

Product Name:大脚
有趣的功能:3000lb load capacity with 44” wide x 77” long rear bed,大型操作员的车厢,可调节的铲斗座椅和转向柱,交流驱动器,能够拖曳高达7500磅。
价格范围:$ 10,000- $ 18,000
Value for the money:Excellent

Recommended for:small and large warehousing and manufacturing, hospitals, airports, hotels/resorts, nurseries, wineries, stadiums, large campuses, school districts, colleges and universities.

这大脚can be customized for each specificapplication (包括救护车)和44英寸宽的能力,能够访问无法通过全尺寸工作进入的区域trucks or vans.Any company that needs to move people or product in a safe, efficient cost-effective manner should consider buying the Bigfoot.Speeds can be limited to 10 MPH for maximum safety in work and campus environments.


大脚怪是为了携带产品和声音水泥,沥青,砾石和泥土表面的人。可以选择草皮轮胎,但大脚怪不是为你制作的se in rough or muddy terrain. Additionally,大脚怪是为工业和商业用途and not intended for travel on public highways.

在街道上审查,其中发布的速度限制为35 mph或更少。当使用锂离子电池组时,该宝石还能够超过100英里的运行时间。


With locations in Sacramento, Fresno, Salinas and the East Bay, TMH has many customers in the agriculture business. Over the years, we’ve noticed an increasing number of companies asking for efficient electric utility vehicles.

Manufacturers like Taylor Dunn offer electric vehicles with rugged chassis and clearance designed for outdoor applications like orchards, farms, vineyards, nurseries and large private estates. Here are some customer favorites:


Let’s be honest, golf carts weren’t made for industrial or commercial applications. They were made for leisurely drives around a golf course.

For light duty applications, such as transporting passengers and light cargo, a golf cart may be fine. But for heavy-duty applications that require transporting cargo, covering long distances, and/or traversing steep or rough terrain, you’ll want the suspension strength, clearance and braking capacity of a commercial electric vehicle like a GEM.


一般而言,诸如宝石之类的NEV是一个更好的选择(与高尔夫球车):穿梭和旅行(尤其是那些越过城市街道的人),室内 /室外拖运,公园维护和巡逻 /安全应用程序。