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byTMHon June 7, 2018

now hiring forklift technicians northern california

At Toyota Material Handling Northern California, we believe people are the reason for our success: both our customers and our outstanding team members. Today we'd like to introduce a few members of the TMHNC family, forklift technicians from our Fresno, Livermore and West Sacramento locations.

Christopher Moore - Forklift Field Technician, Fresno
TMHNC employee since 2017

fresno forklift technician job TMH

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First job:
Mechanic's apprentice for Ray's Auto Repair in Porterville, California
How I got started as a service tech: I saw the job online and decided it would be a nice opportunity for myself and took advantage of it.

More about Christopher:
在我的空闲时间我喜欢营地和越野jeep. What I like about my job I like the support of my team/co workers and how understanding management is. TMHNC is different from other companies because they recognize the hard work you put in and it shows. Co-workers are always willing to lend a hand and we are one team with one goal which is pretty cool.

christopher off road tmh

Tanner Roggero - Forklift Field Technician, West Sacramento
TMHNC employee since 2012

萨克拉门托叉车technician job TMH

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First job:My girlfriend got me a job at a bakery while I was in trade school working to become a technician.
How I got started as a service tech: I went to WyoTech before they shut down. I got started as a service tech from a job interview at WyoTech for TMHNC. I thought it was a job interview for the non-industrial side of Toyota working on cars, but at the interview I learned that Toyota built forklifts. I did a lot of research on the job and then called a few times a week for four months and got the job and I've been here since.

I enjoy working here because of how it changes every day and you're not stuck in a repetitive schedule. TMH is different from my other jobs because of how all the people are nice and always willing to help when it's needed.

More about Tanner:
In my free time , I love to play disc golf, hike, ride dirt bikes with my wife, Kalika. I also enjoy working on my 1990 240sx project car where I am doing a complete engine swap and pretty much changing all the factory parts to new performance parts. Here is a picture of the engine bay after my friend Brad and I painted it. It used to be red.

tanner engine tmh

Sam Garcia- Forklift Field Technician and Trainer, Livermore
TMHNC employee since 1998

east bay livermore forklift technician job TMH

First job:My first job was a part-time, after-school job at El Taco in San Leandro, then I worked in the garden center at Kmart before I enlisted in the Navy where I went to school to be an aircraft support equipment mechanic.

I was stationed aboard the USS Independence aircraft carrier in Philadelphia.I then transferred to NAS Moffet Filed, NAS Alameda and finally NAS Adak Alaska.I was active duty Navy for eight years and completed another 14 years in the Navy Reserves where I retired.

How I got started as a service tech:After my active duty was over I worked as a pm mechanic for Tenco Material Handling until they went out of business. I started at TMHNC in May of 1998.

I have been a road tech ever since, and recently I became the TMHNC Technical Trainer. I think the skills needed for this job is patience, customer relations, technical ability and a good support team.

Sam Garcia TMH

Get to know our family.Read more TMHNC Employee Spotlights.

TMHNC is currentlyhiring Forklift Techniciansto work in the field (West Sacramento, Livermore, Salinas and Fresno, CA). Get more info orrequest an interviewvia our website.

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